Scope of services


  • M&A Corporate
  • Commercial and Contractual law
  • Litigation
  • Labor law
  • Alternative Investment funds
  • Securitization
  • Banking regulatory
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Project Finance
  • Private Equity
  • Real Estate
  • IP / IT
  • Capital Markets
  • Wealth Management & Private Banking
    • National and multinational corporations
    • Banks
    • Asset Fund Managers
    • PE Houses
    • RE Funds
    • Alternative Funds (SIF, SICAR)



    • Mezzanine Lenders
    • Hedge Funds
    • Operational corporations
    • Reinsurance Undertakings
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Private individuals



Track records (samples)


Financial establishment (Luxembourg)

[18-September-14 15:17:30]
Contractual & Commercial   –   Legal advice, analysis of Luxembourg legal effects of U.S. tort proceedings and U.S. Treasury Department office’s proceedings

Insurance group (PRC)

[18-April-14 14:56:40]
M&A Corporate / Acquisition deal   –   Incorporation of SCSp; Legal advice to client on legal aspects of the SCSp; Drafting of the partnership agreement; Accession of...

Bank (Switzerland / Liechtenstein)

[18-March-14 15:12:15]
Project Finance / Collateralization   –   Legal advice relating to the effects of Enforcement Event on voting rights of the pledged shares

Food & Beverages’ industry leader (USA)

[18-February-14 15:13:03]
Canadian entities’ restructuring   –   M&A Corporate   –   Luxembourg corporate law advice & legal implementation (incorporation of NewCos, corporate governance, capital increase by...


Entertainment Business Group (Poland)

[18-December-13 15:13:52]
M&A / Project Finance Collateralization   – Incorporation of 5 SCSps; Legal advice to lenders / fund manager on the core legal aspects of the...

Aeronautics’ industry Group (USA)

[18-September-13 15:15:26]
M&A Corporate   –   Luxembourg corporate advice & legal implementation (incorporation of NewCos, corporate governance, capital increase by contribution in kind, hybrid debt instruments,...

RE Funds (Poland)

[18-July-13 15:16:16]
RE Funds   –   Legal advice on the core legal aspects of the new SCSp regime  (Luxembourg limited partnership) – Compatibility issues with the Polish...

Commercial Group (Sweden)

[18-May-13 15:17:59]
M&A / Project Finance Collateralization   –   Luxembourg corporate advice & implementation (incorporation of NewCo, capital increase by contribution in kind, drafting of hybrid debt...

Air transportation group (E.U.)

[18-April-13 15:20:05]
Contractual & Commercial   –   Legal advice re stipulation pour autrui;  Drafting of relating provisions in Junior Loan Agreement

RE Fund (Germany – Luxembourg)

[18-March-13 15:21:42]
M&A – RE Funds / Cross-border merger   –   Implementation of a cross border merger between German (absorbed) and Luxembourg (absorbing) entities; Legal counsel...